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"Sync with Dropbox and GitHub"

Today we're announcing the launch of our most-requested feature - support for syncing and deploying sites using Dropbox and GitHub.

Now you can easily sync your site to a Dropbox directory or a GitHub repository. Then, when you're ready to deploy your changes, just navigate to the site in your Forge admin panel and you're good to go.

Making small changes to a big site? Don't worry about zipping your entire project each time - just push your changes, or wait for syncing to finish, and then go live. It's easy!

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When you sign up you'll have one site available with a 1GB per month bandwidth cap. Upgrading to our Copper Plan lets you create up to 10 sites using your own custom domains with uncapped bandwidth (billed at 20¢ / GB over a 10GB threshold). That's an undeniably good deal.

  • Lead
  • $4
  • 1 site
  • 2GB
  • Copper
  • $10
  • 10 sites
  • 10GB
  • Bronze
  • $50
  • Unlimited
  • 100GB
  • Iron
  • $100
  • Unlimited
  • 1TB
Additional bandwidth available

More information is available on our pricing page

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